Our entire fleet is always on the cutting edge of technology. The average age of our trucks is only three years. In cooperation with the manufacturers our entire fleet is subjected to on going quality and service control. 

In 2014 we were able to make a special contribution to the environment by acquiring over 220 new trucks with biodiesel engines, already meeting the Euro 6 standard!


Tautliners, also referred to as ‘curtainsider’, are a form of semi-trailer or trailer construction with a lateral sliding tarpaulin. These are commonly used for freight traffic on the road

Kögel Cargo rail - flatbed semi-trailer, transferrable to rail, movable sides; Standard model available and with coil well.

ABT385 Photo
ABT385 Description
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ABT400 Description

Mega Trailer

The mega trailer is a special construction of a semi trailer. Compared to the standard models, a mega trailer has a loading height of 3 metres.

The Megatrailer, therefore offers much more space (Dimensions: 13.60 × 2.48 × 3.00) and allows transport of up to 34 Euro pallets. For example the interior height of 3 m allows grid boxes to be stacked 3 times as high. Thus, the capacity increases up to 96 grid boxes - 50% more than a standard semi-trailer. Utilizing its full capacity a mega trailer can hold a volume of 100 m3.

Kögel Mega - volume of a flatbed semi-trailer with sliding tarpaulin

Mega Photo
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Jumbo Roadtrains

A jumbo truck is a truck with an extra large loading volume, usually 100 cubic meters or more. These are mainly used for transporting bulky goods such as insulation or packing materials. The automobile industry often uses jumbo trucks, as they usually require a minimum loading height of 3 m.


Refrigerated trailers

Our company is fully certified for refrigerated transports (ATP, HACCP, ISO 9000:2008) and all vehicles used for this purpose are equipped with highly sensitive temperature regulation. Through the use of advanced technology, we guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain and can produce a temperature log from load in to load out. 

As cooling units we use the SLXe-300 Thermo King. These have the lowest environmental impact of any devices currently available on the market. They have significantly fewer exhaust emissions, have a lower noise level and produce considerably less waste within their life span.

Train swap

For efficient use of combined transport (truck-train) a removable carrier is required that can be separated from the truck easily and recharged on the train quickly.


Unit45 container - the solution for environmentally friendly transport!  With our equipment these containers can be transported either on the street or intermodal transport by rail. The 45-foot box can hold up to 33 Euro pallets, as much as a semi-trailer. The most common 40-foot container can only be loaded with 26 pallets.


Railway Frigo container

The ‘train frigo’ container shares the same advantages as the Unit45 container. Additionally, however, this has a monitored cooling unit to transport perishable and temperature sensitive goods. 

We use the SLXe-300 Thermo King as cooling units. From all currently available devices these pollute the environment the least. They have significantly fewer exhaust emissions, have a lower noise level and produce considerably less waste within their life span.


Sliding floor trailer

Walking floor trailer or sliding floor trailer, are especially suitable for the transport of goods in agriculture, forestry and recycling. Through the seamless structure of the movable floor, both bulk goods and loose materials can be transported automatically.

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