Warehouse logistics
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Warehouse logistics

Efficient economic logistics require reasonable storage and handling facilities. For this reason, we take over warehousing and logistical tasks for our customers in addition to storing their goods.

Our Europe-wide network allows us to reliably perform these tasks in Austria, Germany, Italy and Slovakia for you. The locations of our warehouses are located in Radfeld, Vienna, Cavaglia and three further locations in Slovakia.

Warehouses / storage logistics / warehouse spaces

We can offer our customers covered storage areas in four countries by accessing our European logistics network:

We provide extensive storage services

Order Management    


  • Requisitions
  • Orders
  • Assignments
  • Returns


Inventory management


  • Inventory display per item / warehouse space
  • Available, free and reserved resources
  • Differences in stock
  • Inventory of various leading units
  • Batches and serial numbers
  • Date of expiry


Warehouse adjusting & modelling


  • High-rack warehouse
  • Block storage
  • Open roof warehouse
  • Warehouse with multiple floors
  • Automatic warehouse control (Kadex / Promot)


Access planning


  • Making of access lists
  • Creation of Avisos
  • Supplier’s entrance


Receipt of goods


  • Goods collection
  • Integration of quality control
  • Registration of goods for serial numbers at entrance
  • Cross Docking
  • Various storage strategies LIFO / FIFO / MHD
  • Automatic detection of missing parts




  • Assignment specific consignmen
  • Product-specific consignment
  • Shrinking / palletizing




  • Inventory of the entire complex
  • Inventory per item
  • Inventory per warehouse / zone / shelf / aisle
  • Permanent inventory
  • Automatic inventory correction
  • Creation of inventory reports


Each of our storage facilities has a certain quota of pallet spaces, cargo handling areas, cold areas, dry goods areas and freezer areas – enabling us to meet all the requirements for your goods in transit!

Nothegger Transport Logistics GmbH is your partner in matters of warehouse logistics! Submit your inquiry now!