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Intermodal transport translates over 55 million kilometres a year from road to rail! The advantages? We protect the environment, reduce transport costs and can increase the loading weight up to 29 tonnes

The Nothegger Transport Logistics GmbH has numerous full train lines stretching over Europe – This enables a total of more than 2,000 loads per week. The trains will transport your goods to Finland, Southern Italy, Germany, France and Austria. We can transport anything from bulk to frigo / thermal loads and conventional tarpaulin deliveries.


  • 500 x 45 ft Taut liner transferrable bodies (loading via the left / right / back / top)
  • 150 x 45 ft box container
  • 20 x  45 ft reefer container with online temperature monitoring
  • 40 x 7.45 m curtain – transferrable bodies
  • 80 x 7.45 m open top containers for bulk shipments
  • 60 x crane compatible trailers

All units are under satellite surveillance and are therefor well protected!

Your benefits

  • Cost advantages
  • Short lay over times through direct connections
  • Higher payloads from 27 to 29 tons
  • Satellite monitoring for each container and transferrable bodies
  • Avoidance of weekend / holiday transportation bans by railway transport
  • Environmentally friendly, enormous reduction of CO2 emissions by rail transport

Take advantage of the benefits of intermodal transportation and send us your inquiry today!