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National & international system traffic

We do more than just bring your goods from A to B: We value punctuality, safety and customer satisfaction, all of which are top priorities for us.

In this regard, system logistics is the key phrase. The Nothegger System Logistik GmbH works with various systems that provide a smooth, fast and trackable delivery or shipment.

Various networks

Systempo - Network Austria

„Systempo“ is the system logistics network in Austria. Represented with four branches in:

  • Vienna (Responsibility: Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland)
  • Radfeld (Responsibility: Tirol, Salzburg)
  • Klaus (Responsibility: Vorarlberg) and
  • Systempo (remaining provinces)

They are responsible for fast processing of orders. The main run happens 2x daily from Vienna to Radfeld and from there to Klaus. In addition, there are daily transports to South Tyrol / Trentino from Radfeld, and daily transports to Switzerland from Klaus.

Network Slovakia

Transports from Slovakia to Austria are guaranteed within 24-48 hours, and from Slovakia to Germany / Benelux / Italy / France 48-72 hours.

In addition, there is a night schedule for the route Trencin - Klcov - Michalovce, as well as a Next Day Express Service. From Michalovce there are two daily transports going to Vienna and Trencin.

Network Italia

Via One Express we are able to guarantee daily deliveries to South Tyrol from Radfeld. Equally we are able to deliver to north and central Italy from Radfeld within a day using our One Express service. Southern Italy is reached daily by our main run using trains.

  • Bari (HUB)
  • Napoli (distribution base)
  • Catania (distribution base)

Tracking & Warehouse logistics

Our customers have the ability to monitor all their supplies by tracking options via the Internet (Online Systemlogistik andAstre Palet System). Scanning and exact labelling enables customers to determine an accurate location on their goods.

The timely delivery of the "Next Day Express" deliveries can be tracked accordingly.  When operating within Austriaone has the possibility to receive an electronic proof of delivery by the national network Systempo.

Our warehouse logistics take place at 8 different locations in Austria, Slovakia and Italy. The goods are stored on more than 20,000 m² of covered warehouse space, and 9,500 pallet spaces via high shelf. The inventory management is done by MHD, batch, FIFO or LIFO.

Try out Nothegger System Logistics GmbH as your competent logistics partner and send us a request!


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